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Steps for purchasing software, Software as a Service (SaaS), or subscriptions (anything needing an agreement) following both RCTC’s and Minnesota State’s procurement requirements.

This procedure applies to ALL software or services that are used by an institution, from “Free” to any dollar amount product or service that is purchased. 

Please be sure to follow the IT Investment checklist, so we can make sure all of our bases are covered from a support and security perspective

  • Is the technology need aligned with your program goals, strategies, plans?
  • Has IT been contacted to determine technical impacts?
  • Has Facilities been contacted to determine space changes?
  • Is the Budget one-time or ongoing?
  • Will there be staffing and disability changes/needs?
  • Note: these issues may require several weeks to resolve, coordinate, schedule and the implementation.


All RCTC Employees


Technology that is purchased and installed locally on RCTC computers, servers and other environments; computer labs and classrooms.

Also, technology that is hosted in the Cloud/off-premise, but contains RCTC-related data.


1. Review the Technology Investment Consideration Checklist to gather all pertinent data

2. Review the RCTC and System Software or IT Service Purchasing Procedure

3. Create TDX request for software 

4. Complete Security Risk Assessment Request

MinnState Form to fill out

5. Forward Security Risk Assessment Request response to Business Office

6. Create Marketplace request for software

- attach any pertinent license agreements, Terms of Service for AGO or OGC to review 

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