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Classrooms utilize in room computer technology to connect with Zoom, Teams, WebEx and other distance education applications. Most rooms are equipped with web. room, and document cameras, laptop connections, and other technologies to present both in-person and online. 

There are multiple Tiers of room capabilities to fit any type of teaching scenario. Each Tier builds off of the previous Tier. 
Tier I includes:

  • Instructor workstation 
  • Web cam 
  • Document camera 
  • Laptop connection
  • Mainly used in a static teaching environment where limited movement is expected

Tier II includes: 

  • A ceiling mounted PTZ camera and microphone
  • Greater mobility for instructor 
  • Larger space 
  • Greater student engagement/interaction 

Tier III

  • Added ceiling mounted tracking camera and ceiling mounted mic  
  • Tracking camera can follow the instructor
  • Student camera presets can focus on an area or close up of the room
  • Increases flexibility for even greater interaction 


 More Information

See: Classroom Technology / AV Design Options and Approach document



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