Student Laptop Checkout

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A limited number of Windows laptops are available for student checkout based on need, specifically Pell Grant eligibility.  (Also see RCTC Financial Aid grants information.)


Students must have applied for financial aid (FAFSA) and be Pell Grant eligible.


After submitting the request form and being approved, technology is available in the Technology Support Center



  • Submit a laptop request (above and to the right).
  • If the request is granted, please bring a Student ID when coming to campus to pick up the laptop.
  • Students must adhere to Account, Email, and Computer Usage Guidelines.
  • The laptop you borrowed will need to be returned to the Technology Support Center.
    • if you are going to register for the next semester, please do so 2 weeks prior to the end of the current semester to maintain laptop checkout eligibility.
    • if not registered 2 weeks prior to the current semester end, you will have a hold put on your account until the laptop is returned or you communicate to us that you intend to register for next semester.
    • If not returned, you will be sent a reminder that it needs to be returned, then another email allowing 1 week to return the laptop, or you will be invoiced for $800.

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