Computer Lab Locations and Schedules

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Computer Lab Locations and Schedules:

  • AT210 (PC Lab) – Main Campus (Summer Sessions 2023)
  • CC412 (Mac Lab) – Main Campus
  • H1411 (PC Lab) – Heintz Center (Summer Sessions 2023)
  • SH202 (Mac Lab-Zoom Lab) – Main Campus
  • SH203 (Mac Lab) – Main Campus
  • SH204 (PC Lab) – Main Campus (Summer Sessions 2023)
  • SH206 (PC Lab) – Main Campus (Summer Sessions 2023)

SEE Campus Building Maps for room locations (link opens a new browser window).


Sign in to campus computer labs using StarID and password.

 More Information

Did you know we also have Virtual Computer Labs?    Access the same Windows desktop environment and specific software applications you’d find in our computer labs.



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