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Student and Employee Photo ID Cards / Badges


Students, Employees


Issued By: Campus Safety

Used By Students For:

  • Library card
  • Financial aid,
  • Bookstore,
  • Access to athletic facilities,
  • Admission to campus events

Used By Employees For:

  • Identification on lanyards
  • Programmable building and room access (with supervisor approval)



To be issued an RCTC photo ID you will need:

  1. Your RCTC Stinger ID number
  2. Proof of registration (i.e. your class schedule),
  3. One of the following current photo IDs:
    • Driver's License,
    • State ID,
    • Military ID,
    • Valid Passport.
  • Replacement Student Photo ID cards are available. There is a $5.00 + tax fee for replacing a lost ID card.
  • ID cards will expire when enrollment becomes inactive at RCTC.


  • Employees will fill out a Request for Employee ID Badge with their supervisor before being issued an employee ID.
  • The employee ID badge is issued for the duration of the individual's employment with the college.
  • All separated employees are required to turn in their employee ID badge to Human Resources, their immediate supervisor, or Campus Safety upon separation of service with the college.
  • The employee ID badge is no longer valid upon separation of service.


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