NEW Ticketing System and Service Portal

RCTC Technology has transitioned to a new ticketing and service portal called TeamDynamix.  As we learn to better leverage the new TeamDynamix platform and its features, we remain excited about the possibilities to further improve service levels and turnaround times.

When you request services through our Service Catalog, your request is automatically routed to the relevant team so we can get right to work.

Benefits of the new service portal:


  • Enhanced Self-Service – One-stop self-service catalog and knowledge base for multiple topics.
  • Quick Access – Search self-help knowledge articles or service categories, or use the home page search bar to quickly find what is offered.
  • Ticket Status – Log into the portal to view your submitted tickets and their status.
  • Request Forms –  Submit requests through convenient web forms built in to the service portal.


Browse our Services Catalog

To view the list of services we have available, do the following:

  • Select the Services link in the menu above.
  • Browse through the categories to find the service that most closely resembles your request.
  • Select the Request Help button and complete the service request form.

Search the Client Portal

You can use the search the client portal text box in the top right corner to search the Service Catalog, or the Knowledge Base. Use the drop-down menu just to the left of the search box to select which item(s) you want to search.

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NextGen / Workday Project Update

MinnState determined several years ago that we needed to modernize our ISRS and other related systems. These systems are more than 30 years old.  Through various planning efforts the NextGen initiative/project  was born.  
What is NextGen … it stands for the “next generation to the existing set of systems and tools” that we all use.  It is a technology modernization initiative, across all 33 colleges and universities and the system office.  Its goal is to replace several aging systems that we have been using for the past 30+ years and replace them with modern tools and technologies, particularly ISRS (Integrated Statewide Records System).
What is Workday … as part of the NextGen initiative, Minnesota State is implementing Workday, a cloud-based system.  Workday is a core technology platform (ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning) that supports our NextGen initiative.  Because it is a cloud-based software, students, faculty, and staff will be able to conduct their business on any device, at any time.

Video on NextGen and Workday

The NextGen journey consists of two primary phases:
  1. The first phase includes human resources (called Human Capital Management [HCM]), payroll, and finance functions. This phase is underway and will go live in July 2023.
  2. The second phase will include all student functions. This second phase will start in October of 2022 and go live July 2025 through October 2026. The NextGen-Workday journey is expected conclude in 2027, with full implementation and transition of all our 33 colleges and universities.
How will this affect me?
RCTC staff will need to participate in both providing information on how we do our work so that the Workday system can be configured appropriately and testing the system to see that it actually works. By the Spring of next year, training will begin on using different parts of the system (for example: entering timesheets, purchasing, workload management, etc.).
Resources and Next Steps
  • Key updates will be posted in SWARM as they become available.
  • The RCTC Transition Team will be creating a simple SharePoint site to house key/critical information related to our institution.
  • We will be sending out information periodically to keep people updated and ensure that appropriate engagements in training and other activities occur.
  • Coordinate training on HCM and Finance system starting Fall 2022 into next Spring 2023 and Summer 2023.